Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga

E te iwi huri noa i te motu, tēnā koutou katoa, in this issue of Pū Kōrero, we talk to Faye Selby Law, Kaiārahi of Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga (TOAM) a Stop Smoking Support Service

What are the main roles of your service?

  1. Stop Smoking Support for Maori & Pacific Island whānau & pregnant women,
  2. Stop Smoking Support for people who smoke and want support to quit.
  3. All referrals received are triaged at TOAM home base (Te Wakahuia) & sent to their choice of service/quit coach.
  4. TOAM provides a range of support options, including WERO.


Best piece of advice to a client wanting to quit

  1. Quitting is about fear, if you can face your biggest fear, you will quit forever.
  2. NRT does work, you just need to use it like you use your cigarettes, often and with enjoyment.


What is working?

  1. Whānau accessing skilled, qualified & committed workforce.
  2. Provision of service at a time (& place) that works for the whānau/client.
  3. Providing NRT to educate & ensure correct use including trying the medications while still smoking if necessary & a greater choice of NRT eg. Inhalators & oral spray mist.
  4. A planned approach – setting a targeted quit day, using the NRT (or other meds) consistently, whānau determined goals to be Smokefree.
  5. Assisting whānau to identify their moemoea and their intrinsic strengths to begin the journey of stopping smoking.
  6. A team of - energetic youthful kaimahi offering a 21st century perspective, alongside experienced mature kaimahi, each willing to share their pūkenga & going the extra mile.
  7. Accountable processes.
  8. Partnerships/relationships with other tobacco control leaders in our rohe eg. Health promotion & PHO to cast the net wide and enable whanau who smoke every opportunity to quit.
  9. Variety of quitting options for whānau eg. Face to face, groups, competitions, incentives, Māori focussed, PI focussed, primary, secondary & other medical options.
  10. Supportive management & governance.


In your opinion, what’s not working?

  1. Technology – the lack of it in our space. Need to get up with the play of today to inspire, enhance & motivate.  Too simplify and speed up the process. To identify success and area’s needing change and introduce this speedily.
  2. Data collection – one system collecting & storing, acknowledging success with quits & change made by whānau.
  3. Medication options – we need everything that’s available.

What would you like your organisation to be known for?

  1. Action packed, Māori driven, clinically savvy, flexible and performing to our peak as the most successful stop smoking service in the World.

In your opinion, how will we achieve an Aotearoa SmokeFree 2025?

  1. By bringing together every part of Aotearoa NZ. Business, Education, Health, Social, Employment, Leisure, Sport, Government – national & local to work together on this kaupapa for the benefit of our nation.
  2. By licensing all tobacco sales outlets or selling tobacco only from pharmacies as a medicine.